Board of Trustees

  • Adv. Mc Caps Motimele SC


    Vice Chairman: General Council of the Bar(GCB)
    Deputy Chair: Advocates For Transformation (AFT) – National
    Member: Rules Board for Courts of Law
    Member: Judicial Service Commission
    Past Chair: Pretoria Society of Advocates

  • Justice Nobulao Mbhele

    Judge: Free State High Court
    Chairperson: LSSA Gender Equality Committee
    Past Treasurer: BLA National

  • Dr. Legoabe Willie Seriti

    Judge: Supreme Court of Appeal
    Chairperson: Commission for Remuneration of Public Office Bearers
    Chairperson: Procurement Arms Commission
    Former Member of the National Executive Committee of the BLA
    Past Co-Chairperson of the Law Society of South Africa

  • Mr Nano Matlala

    Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
    Chairperson: Takeover Regulation Panel (TRP)
    Member: Magistrate Commission
    Member: Tax Court
    Past President: BLA National
    Past Co- Chairperson of the Law Society of South Africa
    Past Chairperson of the Transvaal Law Society