Call for Papers

The Editorial Committee of the African Law Review Journal (ALR) invites submission of articles, legal opinions and case notes for the second issue of the Journal. ALR is a high-quality peer reviewed journal published under the auspices of the Black Lawyers Association-Legal Education Centre.

The ALR provides a platform to members of the legal profession ( law students included) to mould African Jurisprudence, offer critical comments and analysis on judgments of all superior courts, including the International Criminal Court ( provided the accused is an African ). The ALR editorial committee encourages contributors / writers to submit informative articles, legal opinions and case notes on the following areas and sub-areas:

  1. Constitutionality of parliamentary bills and statutes.
  2. Consumer law, constitutional and administrative law;
  3. Human rights and transformation;
  4. Administrative justice, constitutionalism and good governance;
  5. Separation of powers and the Rule of law.

Together with the above outlined areas of focus, articles and legal opinions along the following sub-themes/areas are encouraged for the second edition of the ALR.

  1. Expropriation of land without compensation;
  2. Judicial Review in South-Africa; and
  3. The constitutionality of the Prescription Act.

Download Call For Papers instructions and guidelines by clicking here.

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